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Easter Lily Memorial for Traditional Holy Week

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Main Content Inline Smallat our Traditional Holy Week and Easter Rites

Every year, lilies add immeasurably to the beauty of the sacred liturgy at St. Gertrude the Great Church during the our solemn celebrations of the Church’s liturgical year.

Lilies surround the Altar of Repose where Our Lord resides and is adored from after Pontifical High Mass on Holy Thursday to the end of the Mass of the Presanctified on Good Friday.

Lilies again adorn the high altar from the beginning of Pontifical High Mass on Holy Saturday throughout the whole of the Easter season that follows.

You can help us beautify our Altar of Repose and our high altar throughout Paschaltide by making an Easter Lily Memorial Donation in honor of a loved one.

The name of the loved one and your own name will be printed on a special page in the St. Gertrude the Great Church bulletin.

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Obtain Blessed Candlemas Candles

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Blessed Candlemas Candles Available for Your Home

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Set of two 51% beeswax candles

blessed on the Feast of the Purification.

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The Church uses candles for Mass, Benediction, the Divine Office and the sacraments. But did you know that blessed candles have a place in the Catholic home as well? They bring a blessing wherever they are brought, “whether on sea or on land,” as we pray at the Candlemas blessing. There should be a pair of these candles in every home, to be burned should the priest come with Communion for the sick, and at the bedside of the dying to banish demons and bring grace.

Finally, these candles are burned in times of storms and solemn family prayer.They symbolize the protection of our blessed Lady over our homes. Prosegui la lettura »

Fr Cekada Returns! “Bp. Dominic’s” Pontifical Mass!

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After a ten-month illness – Fr. Cekada Returns to the Pulpit!

Faith, Feeling, Authority, Healing

On the true nature of faith in the Gospel of the Centurion, Epiphany III, January 22, 2017

“Even though I wouldn’t recommend it to a fellow priest, being treated ten months for cancer is a great source for lots of sermon stories. So here’s one of them…”

Listen here.

“Bp. Dominic” Offers Pontifical Mass

The traditional Latin Mass sometimes inspires young children to “play Mass.” In the case of SGG, where liturgical splendor is the norm, a recent example of this meant not merely Low Mass, but Pontifical High Mass!

Click here to see a series of pictures of the event.

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Get an Epiphany Home Blessing Packet

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Epiphany Home Blessing Packet

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Now available from St. Gertrude the Great Church

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The Feast of the Epiphany especially draws our attention to the universality of the Catholic Church. In the spirit of the Wise Men, we’d like to offer you a traditional Epiphany sacramental, prepared and blessed at St. Gertrude the Great on January 6. This “home blessing packet” will enable you to bring into your home the traditional Epiphany blessing which marks these days.

The packet contains a bit of incense, some charcoal and a piece of blessed chalk, as well as the traditional prayers from the Roman Ritual, which you may perform in your home for an Epiphany blessing. Prosegui la lettura »

Let Burn a Candle for You Before the Crib

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Christmas Crib Candles

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Let Us Burn One for Your Intentions

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For the forty days from Christmas night to Candlemas on February 2, the focal point for the decoration of a Catholic church is the Christmas crib.

We put up not one, but two Nativity scenes in St. Gertrude the Great Church every year for this joyous season, one in the sanctuary and another behind the altar in a side chapel where daily Masses are regularly offered. (See photo)

During the Christmas season, we can burn a seven-day candle before the Christmas crib for your intentions.

The customary offering is $7 per candle.

You may also want to: Enroll someone in the Christmas Mass Novena or donate aChristmas Poinsettia Memorial. Prosegui la lettura »

Enroll in Our Christmas Mass Novena

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Enroll in Our Christmas Mass Novena:

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Nine Masses Beginning Christmas Day

We offer this special Christmas Novena of Masses at St. Gertrude the Great for all those whose names have been sent to us. We place these on our altar at Christmas, and for nine consecutive days the priest offers Mass for all those so enrolled.

For information on how to enroll yourself or loved ones, click here.

You may also be interested in a Christmas Poinsettia Memorial. Prosegui la lettura »

Christmas Poinsettia Memorials for Traditional Mass

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Donate a Christmas Poinsettia Memorial for the

Main Content Inline Smalltraditional Mass to honor your loved ones

Every year, we fill the sanctuary and the side chapels of St. Gertrude the Great Church with poinsettias to celebrate Our Lord’s birth. They adorn our church for all the feasts of the Christmas season, ending with Candlemas on February 2nd.

You can help us beautify God’s house for Christmas by making a Poinsettia Memorial Donation in honor of a loved one.

Your name and the name of the person memorialized will be printed on a special page in the St. Gertrude the Great Church bulletin.

Suggested donation: $10.

For more information, click here.

Martin Sisters: Christmas around the Piano

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Martin Family Singers: Christmas CD

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Angelic voices from the early days of the traditionalist movement in America

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We’ve offered this two-CD set before, but we thought that during this time of year you’d be particularly interested in the bonus disk that’s included: the eight Martin sisters singing Christmas songs around the piano, directed by their father, Al.

Old-timers from the traditionalist movement in Michigan will remember the angelic voices of the Martin sisters who sang for High Masses at St. Pius X Church and St. Joseph’s House in the 1970s. The other disk features sacred music, including two Mass settings.

Initially trained by their father, several sisters went on to study voice professionally. One of the eight, Joan, continues the family tradition by serving as our choir director at St. Gertrude the Great Church.

Hearing their voices takes us back to the roots of the traditionalist movement, and reminds us of the sacrifices a handful of faithful Catholics made to keep alive the great tradition of sacred music.

Only $20

for info on how to order Prosegui la lettura »

Ordo 2017 St. Pius X Rubrics

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Ordo 2017: St. Pius X Rubrics

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Directions for Mass and the Divine Office

with Feasts Proper to the United States

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St. Gertrude the Great Church has always used the pre-1955 Missal, Breviary and Calendar in its celebration of the Mass and Divine Office in accord with the rubrics of Pope St. Pius X.

Two years ago we decided to produce our own Ordo that would (1) incorporate the various feasts proper to the United States and (2) also be available in a version with local feasts proper to Archdioceses of Cincinnati and Milwaukee. Prosegui la lettura »

2017 All Saints Calendar: Saints of the Counter-Reformation

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2017 All Saints Calendar

Main Content Inline SmallSaints of the Counter-Reformation

Before Vatican II, Catholics everywhere knew and believed that the so-called “Reformation” — in reality, the Protestant Revolt — was nothing short of a tragedy for the Church.

It would have been inconceivable that we who possess Christ’s truth would have anything at all to celebrate about the hellish, soul-destroying errors the “reformers” let loose upon the world.

So this year, while the ecumaniacs of the Vatican II establishment are celebrating the memory of those who launched this revolt against the truth, we are dedicating our calendar to those who heroically defended it: The Great Saints of the Catholic Counter Reformation.

As in past years, the 2017 All Saints Roman Catholic Calendar:

  • Follows the pre-1955 rubrics and calendar. (Of course!)
  • Includes all feasts, fasts and observances. (Click sample page on site to view details.)
  • Includes many optional feasts or devotional feasts not on the general calendar.

Order several for your home!

Only $12

For order info, click here

Price includes domestic shipping and handling for 1–10 copies.

For bulk order price (11 or more copies) email parishoffice AT sgg DOT org.

Shipping starts early December