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Ireland, isle of murderers & modest clothing

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Ireland, the Isle of Murderers – TIA writer Phillip Mericle accuses those responsible for a crime that cries to Heaven: The once Catholic Emerald Isle votes to remove their laws against abortion.

Where to Find Appropriate Counter-revolutionary Dress for Women? – It takes some effort, but elegant, modest garments can be found, notes Dr. Marian Horvat. With the input of Serene Runkle and Salwa Bachar, she points to places and ways to achieve this feat. And gives reasons why it is important to dress well.

A Congratulatory Letter from Francis to the Father of Liberation Theology – The Pope sends warm greetings to Fr. Gustavo Gutierrez for his 90th birthday and encourages him to continue his “service to others.”

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Why all the chilean bishops resigned & Vatican II’s Church of the future

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The Pantomime of Chile’s Pedophile Crisis – In Three Acts, Atila Guimarães describes the theatrical story that ends with a dramatic scene: On the last of the three-day meeting at the Vatican to evaluate the pedophilia crisis, all 34  Chilean Bishops offer their resignation to the Argentine Pope.  Checkmate for Chile against Argentina, concludes Atila. Find out why here.

Vatican’s Exhibition Boasts the Church of the Future – The Vatican presents 10 “temporary chapels” as models for the future at the Venice Architecture Biennale. These ugly churchesremind us of the message in the possible Third Secret of Fatima we posted in April 2010.

Vatican Advances Recognition of Chinese CPA – Francis accelerates the recognition of the communist-controlled Catholic Patriotic Association in China by receiving a delegation of its government-appointed bishops at the Vatican. At the same time, he tells the heroic Underground Church to be open to “reconciliation.” A great betrayal of the Chinese Catholic faithful.

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More on the Third Secret of Fatima & a jew talks about jews

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Our Featured Articles:

Was the Third Secret Revealed? – Homer Sweeney offers evidence to support the hypothesis the one-page, 25-line Third Secret published by TIA in 2010 and deciphered by Atila Guimarães in 2017 here, shows all the signs of being authentic. Including the fact that the handwriting was confirmed as belonging to Sister Lucy  by a renowned Spanish handwriting expert.

A negative judgment on religious Jews coming from the pen of a known French Jew, Bernard Lazare. Phillip Mericle reviews Lazare’s bookAnti-Semitism, Its History and its Causes. In it Lazare presents an objective analysis of the flaws of Judaism. These flaws  give basis for the anti-Semitism that has been universal throughout History among differing peoples and circumstances Lazare concludes that the only constant factor contributing towards hostility to the Jews is the behavior of the Jews themselves.

You may have heard about the recent interview of Card. Christoph von Schönborn where he raised the question of women priests as viable.  That is shocking in itself and has been the subject of much talk. This week Atila Guimarães looks at that interview under a different light, showing how Schönborn revealed himself to be heretical under two different titles.

In this month of May, Our Lady’s month, discover Our Lady of Bethlehem and learn an important part of our American Catholic History. The book Discovering Our Lady of Bethlehem: Her Journey with Fr. Serra tells the story of the oldest statue in California, this statue accompanied Father Serra from the very beginning of his apostolate in of Alta California, when he founded the Missions of San Diego and San Carlos Borromeo in Carmel. You will learn how she came to accompany the Sacred Expedition; how she presided over the successful California Missions; how she was exiled during the sad period of secularization and how she was lovingly returned during the Mission restoration in the mid-1900s.

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Are you ready to watch Paul the Apostle of Christ?

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Paul the Apostle of Christ, Passion Flowers & Water Rights

Our Featured Articles:

Have you seen the movie Paul, Apostle of Christ? Is it worth seeing? Fr. Paul Alvarez offers a review of the film starring Jim Caviezel as St. Luke and James Faulkner as St. Paul.  He points out shadows and lights in the production, offering some guidelines to help you better analyze as a Catholic what you are viewing.

The final verdict on the 8th World Water Forum  held in Brazil last month is out: Its goal is to encourage an anti-hierarchical fanaticism. This forum, promoted by the UN and applauded by the Vatican, uses water rights as a new ploy to promote egalitarianism and a One World Order.  Read the final analysis of the series of articles we posted on the event here.

Most of the rich symbols of the Passion of Our Lord have their roots in the Middle Ages, but there is one that comes from the American Continent. It is the exuberant and beautiful Passion Flower. The early Spanish and Portuguese missionaries saw this flower as a gift from God and used it to help explain Passion of Christ to the natives.

Catholic Psychology: The Four Temperaments

What is your temperament? Choleric, melancholic, sanguine, phlegmatic? This is the Catholic way to better understand yourself, your spouse, your children and those around you. Based on Catholic sources, Dr. Marian Horvat explains how to identify and work with the temperament God gave you. (50 min. CD)

Purchase here for $6 each

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How Tribalism Becomes Satanism

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Atila Sinke Guimarães

HOW TRIBALISM BECOMES SATANISM  –   Considering that Pope Francis seems to be embarking on a full-steam campaign to promote tribalism – we saw him in Chile and Peru this past week declaring that “Amazonia is the heart of the Church,” – I thought it timely to warn my readers about the dangers of this move. Toward this end, I first recommend that they read the article by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira on this topic. But I also want to translate into simple terms what tribalism is.

forbidden to forbidThe motto ‘It is forbidden to forbid’ painted on Paris; below, a 1968 student & workers march against authority announcing ‘We will win’– and they did

march 1968

We are all suffering the deleterious influence of the 1968 Sorbonne Revolution, which in the United States is almost unknown by this name because here the fruits of that Revolution are generally referred to as the “Cultural Revolution of the ‘60s,” which found its most expressive landmark in the hippie Woodstock festival in 1969.

Independent of the name used here or abroad, what counts is that the Revolution in customs can be summarized by three of its slogans: “It is forbidden to forbid,” “Death to reason” and “Imagination rules.”

We have seen many consequences of the application of these moral-philosophical mottos. Among many: the disappearance of morality in society, logic in thinking, respect for superiors, good behavior in families, decorum in dressing and propriety in language.

These liberal-anarchical manifestations had immediate reflections in the political-administrative spheres, such as the increase of feminist laws pretending that women are equal to men, as well as the concession of legal rights to abortionists and homosexuals.  Prosegui la lettura »

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