Voodoo Masses in St. Madeleine Basilica, Paris

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TRADIZIONSince 2002 for five days in mid-September Brazilian festivities are celebrated in the streets of Paris. People in typical folk attire parade through the streets, dancing and singing Brazilian songs to the rhythm of samba and the beating of drums. To these cultural activities voodoo ceremonies have been added. In Brazil voodoo is known as candombleumbanda or, in popular language,macumba


Every year these festivities begin with a Mass said in the Basilica of St. Madeleine; above you see the Mass of 2011. At these Masses the Catholic liturgy has also been blended with pagan voodoo rituals. A voodoo medium,aka, “pai de santo,” is generally present at the altar during the Mass; in the first row below, he can be seen behind the priest. In the third, fourth and fifth rows below, wearing a white hat he appears alongside the priest or with his followers. 

Parts of the Mass are said in French, others in Portuguese, still others inIoruba, the voodoo language. Sometimes, voodoo idols are present in the altar, such as a statue of goddess Yemanja, in front of the altar, last row

All this syncretism – which blends Catholic liturgy with voodoo witchcraft practices – has been made in name of the ecumenism of Vatican II. The House of God has been the transformed into a haven for devilish idols. It is “the abomination of desolation in the holy place.” 












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