New Video: SSPX, Resistance & Sedevacantism

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SANBORNSSPX, “Resistance” and Sedevacantism

  New Video by Bishop Donald Sanborn

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IN A clearly-presented and tightly-reasoned talk, Bishop Sanborn lays out the case for sedevacantism.

He explains that the fundamental question every Catholic must ask is: “Does the religion of Vatican II represent a substantial or merely an accidental change as regards the Roman Catholic religion?”

Bp. Sanborn explains how one must answer the question, and offers a dispassionate theological critique of the answers given by Indult/Motu Proprio groups (e.g. the Fraternity of St. Peter), the “recognize and resist” groups (the Society of St. Pius and many others) and those in “conservative” Novus Ordo circles.

The bishop also refutes many common objections against sedevacantism:

•             “We cannot judge the pope”

•             “These popes are only material heretics, not formal heretics”

•             “Only the Church can declare the pope a non-pope”

•             “A bad father is still a father”

•             “We have had bad popes before”

•             “Sedevacantism denies the visibility of the Church! Where is the hierarchy?”

•             “How then could we ever get a true pope back?”

•             “All this is just your opinion!”

Bp. Sanborn’s argument eliminates the need to address the issue of personal guilt for the sin or the crime of heresy, a topic that some find unsettling or confusing.

Destined become a classic!


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