Help Our Greek Catholic Trad Priest in Ukraine

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PRETE UCRAINOHelp Our Greek Catholic Priest in Eastern Ukraine

The turmoil may force him to flee

Each month, through your generosity, the St. Gertrude Bishop’s Apostolate has been supporting this faithful traditional Catholic priest who lives in very poor and straightened circumstances in eastern Ukraine.



His home town has now descended into practical anarchy. Anyone who does not enthusiastically support the new Russian Revoltuion is in danger. Father is also Greek Catholic, as well as a traditionalist, both of which make him a target for religious persecution.

It may soon become necessary for him, like many other Ukrainians, to flee.  Father will then face the prospect of either moving to western Ukraine or becoming a refugee in one of the western European countries.

Through your donations, could you please help us help him?

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  • Attenzione alle pastette di regime. Chi sono questi preti?, chi li ha ordinati?, hanno dei fedeli?

    A me sembra tutta una mascherata dei servizi segreti. Guarda caso i russi sono sempre i cattivi

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