Segnalazione di don Anthony Cekada


Will Sin Get the Nod at the Synod?


BERGOGLIO POLLICE ALTOFrancis stirs up his revolutionary “mess”

Bp. Donald Sanborn and Fr. Anthony Cekada

on Francis Watch

7:00 PM EDT      
Restoration Radio

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In the hot pot for this episode:

  • Cupich: Francis’ U.S. point man. Bernardin 2.0
  • Making “a mess.” Key to understanding Bergoglio’s revolutionary strategy.
  • Reforming the papacy and “decadent structures.”
  • Bergoglio as “de-dogmatizer” — an Italian conservative’s verdict.
  • Miracle or “bread-sharing”?
  • Bergoglio’s “salvation by encounter” heresy.
  • “Only hypocrites judge!” — but isn’t that a judgement?
  • Synod schemes: Sacraments for the divorced and remarried.
  • “Go and sin some more!”
  • Streamlining annulments: “Beep! Beep!”
  • Bouncing Burke.
  • Converting Evangelicals? “Not interested!”
  • And much more!