Ex-SSPX Priest: Duty to Adopt Logical Position on Pope

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Ex-SSPX Priest: Duty to Adopt Logical Position on Pope

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Fr. Arnold Trauner on a new association of German-speaking priests.

Listen to sermon here.

In a sermon at St. Gertrude the Great Church, West Chester, Ohio on Sunday, November 2, 2014, Fr. Arnold Trauner, spoke to the congregation about how he and several other SSPX priests had recently studied the Society’s position on the post-Conciliar popes and concluded that it could not be reconciled with Catholic teaching.

The four priests, one Austrian and three German, left the Society and began a new apostolate in southern Germany, Austria and Hungary. They have two convents of religious sisters associated with them, one Carmelite and the other Benedictine, and a seminarian studying at our seminary, Most Holy Trinity, in Brooksville, Florida.

Their new web site is Antimodernist.org. Non-German speakers can access an instantaneous English translation of the articles if they use Google Chrome.

We urge you to forward this email to other traditional Catholics and to keep this new apostolate in your prayers.

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