1st Goal for Work of Human Hands Met! Help us meet 2nd1

Segnalazione di don Anthony Cekada

You Helped Us Meet Our Minimum Goal to Reprint “Work of Human Hands”!

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Now help us reach our STRETCH GOAL!

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“The definitive traditionalist critique of the Mass of Paul VI.”

1. What is a stretch goal? At the beginning of our campaign we set two benchmarks: our TILT, which was the minimum funding we would need for the project, and ourSTRETCH GOAL, which was what we would ultimately prefer for our project, accounting for all costs.

2. What happens now? If we achieve our STRETCH GOAL of $7,000, we will give an additional gift to everyone who has already ordered and who will order, at no additional cost.

3. So, what are you offering? We are willing to add a 2-CD set of the Martin Sisters with each order.  You can find out more about the set here.

4. How will we know if we get the STRETCH GOAL? You can check back here every day to see how our campaign is going and if we hit it, then everyone gets the STRETCH GOAL incentive.  If we don’t hit it, we don’t send it.

If you haven’t contributed so far, now’s a good time to do so!

Keep us in your prayers as we STRETCH towards our goal!

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