Work of Human Hands Out of Print: Help Fund 2nd Edition

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Work of Human Hands” is Now Out of Print!


BENEDIZIONEHelp fund the second edition of Fr. Cekada’s

“definitive traditionalist critique of the Mass of Paul VI.”

For more info… AND to see Fr. Cekada’s latest video,

“New Eucharistic Prayers: Fraudlent History, Hippie Theology”

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The internationally acclaimed best-seller, Work of Human Hands: A Theological Critique of the Mass of Paul VI, is now out of print . . .

. . . just when this masterpiece of research and systematic analysis of the new rite in light of history, liturgical tradition and Catholic theology is needed now more than ever!

With the world rocked by headlines about scandalous developments from the Synod and other aberrations of the Catholic faith, a detailed expose of the plots and scheming of Modernists who attempt to eradicate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass must stay in print!

Your urgent help is needed NOW and it is essential to getting Work of Human Hands back in print, and in the very “human hands” of those who need it most.

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