Cardinal: Francis Wants to Make His Changes “Irreversible”

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FCARDINAL FRANCISrancis Wants to Make His Changes “Irreversible”

In a January 20, 2015 speech, Cardinal Maradiaga explicitly confirms what we predicted in 2013:

Bergoglio’s “pastoral” theme aims at undermining Catholic doctrine and institutions.

“Specifically, there is no true ecclesial renovation without a transformation of the institutions; of the quality and focus of the activities; of the mystic and the spiritual. Usually, renovation begins with pastoral activities.For it is there where the inconsistencies of a certain “model” of the Church and reality are primarily experienced. The missionaries, the evangelists on the ‘margins’ of the Church, are the first ones to notice the insufficiency of the ‘traditional’ ways of action; the pastoral criticism begins with the experience of the mission in the “peripheries.” Changes and adjustments begin there….

“Everything in the Church changes consistent with a renewed pastoral model…. The Pope wants to take this Church renovation to the point where it becomes irreversible

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Papa Gaga’s “Pastoral” Code:

The Modernist Trick of Undermining Faith through Experience

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