Help Replace Our Dying Electronic Organ

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ORGANISTAHelp Us Replace Our Dying Electronic Organ…

… and help our young organists carry on SGG’s church music tradition!

Click here for info — and hear one of them play a fancy toccata!

Sacred music is an integral part of our liturgical apostolate at St. Gertrude the Great, and the organ, whether for accompaniment or solo pieces, is indispensable to our musical program.

Our current 30-year-old electronic organ, however, is the product of an old technology — it uses computer punch cards! — and is slowly dying.

We need a newer replacement, not only to maintain and expand our current musical program, but also for the sake of our upcoming generation of young organists, now 12 and 15.

We recently came across a newer used digital organ which is reasonably priced and which will meet our needs.

Please consider making a generous, one-time donation to this project, perhaps as a memorial to a loved one. The names of benefactors and those memorialized will be put in the program for the blessing of the instrument.

The names of those memorialized with a $500 donation or greater will also be inscribed in a plaque on the organ.

And to inspire your generosity, we present a new video of one of our young organists playing the challenging and brilliant B minor Toccata of Eugène Gigout.


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