Fr. Cekada on Bp. Williamson’s Consecration of a New Bishop

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Bp. Williamson Consecrates a New Bishop

Fwilliamsonr. Anthony Cekada on Restoration Radio

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On the 3rd anniversary of the establishment of Restoration Radio we welcome back Father Anthony Cekada to discuss the recent episcopal consecration of Jean-Michel Faure by His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson. The new bishop was a classmate of Father Cekada’s and was in his graduating class of ordinands. While Father Cekada shares some personal insights into this new bishop, he goes into the action taken and how it is situated within Church law and teaching.

Father also discussed the reactions of the SSPX, the Vatican, and various other media outlets while offering his own thoughts as to the significance of this action.

Stephen Heiner is the host for this program which is provided free of charge by the Network in commemoration of its 3rd anniversary of existence. It was intentionally started on a major feast of Our Lady and we always thank her for her watchfulness over our apostolate.

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  • Bishop Williamson claims he has no jurisdiction to head the newly formed resistance of the SSPX.
    So how can he possibly say he has the right to consecrate another bishop without the permission from the pope .? Bishop Williamson States that he is no sedevacantist which means he believes Francis is a true pope . He is actually committing a mortal sin by disobeying the pope. Essentially bishop Faure
    Is invalid . Bishop Williamson, by his actions,is really a sedevacantist but he denies this. He then has two personalities and can’t make his mind up . Sitting on the fence is a bad position to be in. Your backside gets cut whilst sitting on the sharp and rusty fence. One gets infected . He says he has no authority or jurisdiction so under whose jurisdiction does he consecrate or ordain ? The man doesn’t know where he stands and what his position is.
    Being a sedevacantist, I know I follow the most logical position. We have no pope so we have supplied jurisdiction but bishop W. Can’t claim supplied jurisdiction because he himself admitted that he hasn’t got any. The man Is an enigma.

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