Francis Watch: Hell Gets Annihilated

Segnalazione di don Anthony Cekada

Hell Gets Annihilated

FBERGOGLIOSrancis Watch 12 Season 4

Bp. Donald Sanborn and Fr. Anthony Cekada

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The full crew of Francis Watch returns to look at yet another disastrous month in the so-called pontificate of Jorge Bergoglio.

In this month’s show, we cover a new heresy, that damned souls are merely annihilated, and do not suffer the pains of hell. If that wasn’t enough for those in denial about the reality of who Francis is and what he wants, we also go on to discuss:

  • Cardinal Kasper’s referring to Bergoglio’s reign as a “paradigm shift”
  • The German Bishops indicating they feel no obligation to follow synodal directives
  • Francis’ soaring popularity in America
  • Francis blaming “clericalism” for apostasy in Latin America
  • The advantages of publicizing that you will not be a pope for a long time
  • A new list of problems, including: refusing Communion to adulterers as “rude,” an insistence that we must not “close doors or “sit in judgement”

Indeed, what is needed is a Year of Mercy, which in Bergoglio terms means, “Sin Boldly!”

Conservatives continue to flounder around for defenses, and again Dr. de Mattei throws out specious examples, including Leo XIII’s Ralliement and St. Bruno’s resistance of Paschal II.

We end by discussing Oscar Romero, the fact that the death penalty is now “inadmissible,” and the fact that water is the “future of humanity.”

Regular guests His Excellency Bishop Donald Sanborn, rector of Most Holy Trinity Seminary in Brooksville, Florida, and Father Anthony Cekada, assistant pastor ofSt. Gertrude the Great Catholic Church in West Chester, Ohio, join host Stephen Heiner as they break down each of these talking points into detail and give historical perspective, but more importantly, orthodox Catholic teaching.


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