Work of Human Hands Now in Print! Save $17 over Amazon!

Segnalazione di don Anthony Cekada

Work of Human Hands Available Again!

don CekandaThe “definitive traditionalist critique” of the New Mass

by Fr. Anthony Cekada          Only $24.95

Save $17 to $1174 over crazy Amazon prices!

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The second edition of Father Cekada’s internationally acclaimed systematic analysis of the new rite in light of history, liturgical tradition and Catholic theology is now in print!

Read it to find out why Fr. Cekada’s treatment of the Novus Ordo has been called “definitive,” “carefully argued,” “well-documented.”

AND… We’re very pleased to offer a public thanks to the many benefactors whose generosity made the printing of this second edition possible!

WHH is back! Spread the word to your traditionalist (or modernist!) friends!



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