Stuck in a Rut: NEW Fr. Cekada Video Refuting anti-Sede Theories

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Stuck in a Rut: Anti-Sedevacantism in the Age of Bergoglio

VALLEA New Video

from Fr. Anthony Cekada

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THE ELECTION of Jorge Mario Bergoglio by the March 2013 conclave was a turning point in the ongoing dispute among Catholic traditionalists over the question of the pope:

  • Do we “recognize” the post-Vatican II popes as true popes, but “resist” them? (The “R&R” position held by the Society of St. Pius X, Bp. Williamson, The Remnant, Catholic Family News and many others)
  • Or do we treat them as public heretics who are not true popes at all? (The sedevacantist position)

As a result of Francis’ outrageous public statements and madcap antics, the R&R camp has felt obliged to produce a good number of anti-sedevacantist critiques over the past two years. I’ve received many requests to answer these critiques, and this video is my response.

The first rut for R&R is following the wrong theologians — Suarez, Cajetan and John of St. Thomas — whose teaching on a heretical pope wasrefuted by St. Robert Bellarmine and abandoned by later theologians.

The second rut for R&R is that they are still arguing the wrong issue — loss of office by a heretical pope — while sedevacantists now argue that Bergoglio could not have become a true pope in the first place.

We conclude by answering six common R&R “pope by default” objections, and by offering an analysis of the underlying problem which forces Catholics to debate these issues.



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  • Questo video argomenta e illustra – anche sostenuto da documenti facilmente reperibili – la posizione sedevacantista in modo esemplare. Servirebbe una traduzione almeno in italiano, tedesco, francese, spagnolo per una più ampia divulgazione e miglior comprensione perchè chi non è madre lingua o non conosce la lingua inglese perfettamente difficilmente lo può capire integralemente.

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