The Holy Souls Book: A Fr. Lasance Classic

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The Holy Souls Book: A Fr. Lasance Classic


Fr. Printon’s Novenas and Prayers for the Holy Souls

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Father F.X. Lasance (left) produced a long list of popular spiritual classics, including his 1922 Holy Souls Book.

Devotion to solacing the Holy Souls is eminently pleasing to God, a comfort to the Church Suffering and eminently beneficial to ourselves.

The “Reflections” that form the first part of this book will motivate the reader to make frequent use of the prayers and devotions in the second section.

Together with Fr. Lasance’s work, we are also offering Fr. Joseph Printon’s Novenas, Hymns and Prayers for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. These were arranged for congregational use, and may thus be conveniently prayed at your family Rosary.

The prayers in both these works are appropriate at any time, but especially during November, the Month of the Holy Souls.

We are offering them for a $30 donation to support our apostolate.

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