Bp Sanborn on Six V2 Documents

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 Donald J. Sanborn

The Errors of Vatican II: An Overview

Most Rev. Donald J. Sanborn

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All problems in the Novus Ordo church ultimately spring from the same source: Vatican II.

As part of Restoration Radio’s first season, Bishop Donald J. Sanborn gave a monumental three-hour interview on the six Council documents that were the key factors for ushering in the post-Conciliar revolution in faith and morals.

  • The Decree on Ecumenism
  • The Church in the Modern World
  • The Dogmatic Constitution on the Church
  • The Declaration on Non-Christian Religions
  • The Declaration on Religious Liberty
  • The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy

Bishop Sanborn’s comments offer a bird’s eye view of the principal errors found in each document

True Restoration has just completed a 75-page transcript of the interview that is available only to TR’s subscribed Annual Members and not to the general public until January 1st.  But in the meantime, TR would like to offer a free copy of this 75 page document to those who make a $25 donation to SGGResources for it via this page.

You will receive access to the transcript via an email from TR as we forward your information to them.

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