Ordo 2016 St. Pius X Rubrics

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Ordo 2016 St. Pius X Rubrics

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Ordo 2016: St. Pius X Rubrics

Directions for Mass and the Divine Office

with Feasts Proper to the United States

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St. Gertrude the Great Church has always used the pre-1955 Missal, Breviary and Calendar in its celebration of the Mass and Divine Office in accord with the rubrics of Pope St. Pius X.

Two years ago we decided to produce our own Ordo that would (1) incorporate the various feasts proper to the United States and (2) also be available in a version with local feasts proper to Archdioceses of Cincinnati and Milwaukee.

We are now pleased to make both these Ordos available through SGG Resources:

  • Ordo 2016 Universal Edition: 110pp
  • Ordo 2016 Cincinnati and Milwaukee Edition: 119pp

Both are spiral bound to lie flat on the sacristy chest or a desk. Click on the accompanying images posted on our site to view details of pages.


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