Synodal Frankenmarriage: Discernment and Deception.

Segnalazione di don Anthony Cekada

Synodal Frankenmarriage: Discernment and Deception

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Francis Watch 19

Bp. Donald Sanborn and Fr. Anthony Cekada

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We have been preparing for this Synod all season and Bishop Sanborn and Father Cekada dive right into the documents. Topics discussed included:

  • Weasel words: “pastoral discernment of situations,” “keeping dialogue open,” “coherent openness to the Gospel,” “elements that may favor evangelization,” etc.
  • Reaction from Kasper, Schonborn, De Mattei.
  • Francis defends his role in the Synod
  • Francis’ 70s felt banner thoughts: the Church must be a “bridge, not a roadblock,” Christians must “continuously change,” beware of those who would make themselves “guardians of divine salvation,” etc.
  • The Church needs gays.
  • Be “patient with the Africans regarding homosexuality”
  • A final LOL moment from Bp. Fellay

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