A Bergoglio Promo Vid for “Apostasy Lite”!

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New Bergoglio Promo Vid for “Apostasy Lite”

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Rev. Anthony Cekada

Just when I thought I could give the pope question a rest for a few days, Bergoglio comes out with a video promoting “apostasy lite.” Yes, that’s a Buddha and a Baby Jesus in the photo, who appear along with the Jewish menorah and Moslem prayer beads in the video.

The only “certainty” the “Vicar of Christ” has for all these religions is that “we are all children of God.”

But you can watch the whole, disgusting production for yourself at this link.

The R&R tribal myth-keepers I mentioned in yesterday’s post are probably gearing up their rattles and spells to keep believers entranced.

But for the rest of us, it’s obvious: Bergoglio cannot be a real pope.

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