Obtain Blessed Candlemas Candles


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Blessed Candlemas Candles Available for Your Home

Set of two 51% beeswax candles

blessed on the Feast of the Purification.

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The Church uses candles for Mass, Benediction, the Divine Office and the sacraments. But did you know that blessed candles have a place in the Catholic home as well? They bring a blessing wherever they are brought, “whether on sea or on land,” as we pray at the Candlemas blessing. There should be a pair of these candles in every home, to be burned should the priest come with Communion for the sick, and at the bedside of the dying to banish demons and bring grace.

Finally, these candles are burned in times of storms and solemn family prayer.They symbolize the protection of our blessed Lady over our homes.

We are making sets of two 10-inch blessed candles available for a suggested donation of $20. This will cover the increased cost of the candles, domestic U.S. postage and a little extra that will help us carry out our many apostolic activities. (To arrange shipping to foreign countries, please contact our office for further information.)

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