Sedevacantist Primer: Updated for the Salza/Siscoe Circus!

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Sedevacantism: A Quick Primer

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Updated for the Salza/Siscoe/SSPX anti-Sede Circus

January 2016 saw the publication of John Salza and Robert Siscoe’s True or False Pope? Refuting Sedevacantism and Other Modern Errors, a 700-page anti-sedevacantist screed bankrolled by the Society of St. Pius X’s U.S. seminary publishing arm, STAS Publications.

The controversy the book has generated presents an excellent opportunity for sedevacantists to make the case for their positionto an ever-increasing audience of Catholics who are appalled and mystified by the antics of Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

We are happy, therefore, to present an updated version of Fr. Anthony Cekada’s Sedevacantism: A Quick Primer, which pulls together links to the many articles he has written on sedevacantism.

It also includes a list of the videos Fr. Cekada has produced in response to the Salza/Siscoe/SSPX book.

The videos have been particularly effective in reaching large numbers of people who might not otherwise read an article (and certainly not a 700-page book!) on the topic. As of this writing (March 31, 2016), the cumulative number of viewers has reached 31,000.

More videos are planned.

Be sure to bookmark Sedevacantism: A Quick Primer in your browser for future reference, and share it with friends who are curious about sedevacantism.



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  • Le parole di mons Cekada sono chiare ed evidenziano le contraddizioni e le storpiature di Salza e Ciscoe , manovrati egregiamente dalla fraternità fellayana.

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