2017 All Saints Calendar: Saints of the Counter-Reformation

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2017 All Saints Calendar

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Saints of the Counter-Reformation

Before Vatican II, Catholics everywhere knew and believed that the so-called “Reformation” — in reality, the Protestant Revolt — was nothing short of a tragedy for the Church.

It would have been inconceivable that we who possess Christ’s truth would have anything at all to celebrate about the hellish, soul-destroying errors the “reformers” let loose upon the world.

So this year, while the ecumaniacs of the Vatican II establishment are celebrating the memory of those who launched this revolt against the truth, we are dedicating our calendar to those who heroically defended it: The Great Saints of the Catholic Counter Reformation.

As in past years, the 2017 All Saints Roman Catholic Calendar:

  • Follows the pre-1955 rubrics and calendar. (Of course!)
  • Includes all feasts, fasts and observances. (Click sample page on site to view details.)
  • Includes many optional feasts or devotional feasts not on the general calendar.

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