Fr Cekada Returns! “Bp. Dominic’s” Pontifical Mass!

Segnalazione di don Anthony Cekada

After a ten-month illness – Fr. Cekada Returns to the Pulpit!

Faith, Feeling, Authority, Healing

On the true nature of faith in the Gospel of the Centurion, Epiphany III, January 22, 2017

“Even though I wouldn’t recommend it to a fellow priest, being treated ten months for cancer is a great source for lots of sermon stories. So here’s one of them…”

Listen here.

“Bp. Dominic” Offers Pontifical Mass

The traditional Latin Mass sometimes inspires young children to “play Mass.” In the case of SGG, where liturgical splendor is the norm, a recent example of this meant not merely Low Mass, but Pontifical High Mass!

Click here to see a series of pictures of the event.

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