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Epiphany Home Blessing Packet

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Now available from St. Gertrude the Great Church

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The Feast of the Epiphany especially draws our attention to the universality of the Catholic Church. In the spirit of the Wise Men, we’d like to offer you a traditional Epiphany sacramental, prepared and blessed at St. Gertrude the Great on January 6. This “home blessing packet” will enable you to bring into your home the traditional Epiphany blessing which marks these days.

The packet contains a bit of incense, some charcoal and a piece of blessed chalk, as well as the traditional prayers from the Roman Ritual, which you may perform in your home for an Epiphany blessing.

The chalk especially is used to bring a blessing and protection with the initials of the Wise Men and the Sign of the Cross over the door of your home. A full explanatory leaflet with the prayers in English is provided.

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