Scenes from the Youth Synod in Rome

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Scenes from the Youth Synod in Rome – The Opening Mass of the Youth Synod in Rome started under the symbol of witchcraft. Then, it continued with its new method of ‘listening’ to the youth’s demands, as in this session, which ended with a grand rock fest. The Conciliar Church no longer teaches Catholic morals…

The China-Vatican Betrayal: A Fait Accompli – The unthinkable has happened. Rome signed an agreement with Beijing that allows the Communist Regime to choose the Catholic bishops. Made at the very moment when the government is increasing its persecution of Catholics, removing crosses from churches, and forbidding minors to attend Masses. A betrayal of the millions of Catholics  in the Underground Church, who are told to join the Communist-controlled Patriotic “Church.”

The Dusk of a Demagogue  – Guimarães comments on the waning popularity of Francis and offers a short list of the disasters that have damaged his prestige. We shouldn’t be surprised if this Pope – who is demolishing everything he can in the Church – soon leaves the stage.

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